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Your chance to own a Don Clarke,  Rogoway or Liam Delaney

Stripper with Owl, Don Clarke. Alfred Rogoway, St. Peter. Liam Delaney, Repentance.


Make an offer on any one of these artworks by Alfred Rogoway  the American painter, or Liam Delaney, the renowned Irish painter.





Alfred Rogoway  1900 - 1990


His decision to pursue a formal career in the arts earned him a Masters of Fine Arts degree and Doctorate in Philosophy from the University of California at Berkeley. Later, he was accepted to study under Lyonel Feininger and Fernand Leger at Mills College which led to an introduction and further studies with Jose Orozco at the University of Mexico. Then, for three consecutive years, Rogoway's paintings were selected by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art's open competition which soon began to generate serious interest from the art world


Liam Delaney


Liam Delaney first came to prominence in Irish art in the 1970s with two portfolios of drawings of Dublin Pubs and Dublin Street Characters. The painstaking "pointille" work and scrupulous attention to detail in these works attracted widespread admiration and the limited edition prints proved to be an immediate sell-out. However, Delaney was only honing his skills at this stage, learning the craft and techniques of the alchemy that turns oils into breath-taking beauty on the canvas.



Make an offer on any one of these Don Clarke paintings.







Don Clarke  1932 - 2012


Don Clarke was born in England and studied at the Moseley School of Art and Birmingham College of Art.  He worked for ten years as an illustrator at Central Studios, Birmingham and five years as fine art restorer in Rome.

In 1973 he took up residence in Mijas, Spain, to devote his time to his art.

His work quickly achieved international acclaim and he was held in high esteem by fellow painters and all who were privileged to know him.


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