How Turkish towels are changing our life

Turkey is a country famous for its highest quality of cotton in the world. This cotton is too soft and lightweight. It has a super absorbent quality due to which they dry up many times faster than the other heavyweight cotton. Turkish cotton is not an ordinary cotton. It is a premium type of cotton having extra-long fibre. Their unique construction makes the thread strong and smooth. The cloth which is used in its production is grown in a small but productive area. Strangely, unlike other towels, they are more absorbent with excessive washings. They are also better than Egyptian towels, which are famous for their absorbency. Suitable for apparel and sheets. But in these towels, too much absorbency can also cause a problem. Turkish towels are a blend of dryness and absorbency. They provide a perfect balance between softness and absorbency that makes it best cotton to be used. The secret behind the absorbency of Turkish towels is their long fibre. The secret behind the absorbency is the absorbency of these towels is the unique quality of the Turkish towels. Turkish cotton usually has too long threads, and these fibres help them to become delightfully absorbent. This is the reason why these towels are super absorbent because they are thin and also quick to dry.

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Egyptian cotton is famous for its high level of absorbency, which is one of the major features required for these types of clothes. In towels, if your cotton absorbs a lot of liquid, then it means that a towel will remain wet for a long time after use. The Turkish cotton provides the perfect balance between absorbency and softness which makes it the best cotton to be used in towels.

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The unique quality of these towels is that they light in weight as well as more absorbent than other towels. When we are going to choose some towels, our preference must be those towels which are more absorbent. No doubt, that heavier or thicker towels are more absorbent as compared to thinner or lighter towels. But the problem is that they take a long time to dry.

Washing improves them

By research, it is proved that towels absorb a large number of body oils, dirt on them. Therefore, it is necessary to launder them frequently. But a towel of some quality cannot tolerate this repeated exercise of washing. They lose their color and structure after some time of their purchasing. A good and high-quality detergent can keep towels looking, but there is no use of detergents to these towels.

What Turkish towel really is?

A Turkish towel is a towel made from the finest Turkish cotton. Turkish towels were invented in the 17th century, and they are also called as Hamas, foutas and peshtemal bath towels.

This is because of their popularity that entire communities depend on the sale of Turkish towels to support their livelihood. It is thought abroad that every time we purchase a Turkish towel means that we are supporting a whole community.

A towel is a personal belonging, and we use it almost every day, numerous times. It is quite interesting that towels also become part of our home and life. There is a reason for that, see, our towel sees us naked more than anyone else. Therefore, it is the most personal thing or part of our life. Turkish towels are best for our daily use, so they easily become a part of our bathroom routine.

Turkish towels for sale

These Turkish towels are popular among customers.

  • Incanto Turkish towels
  • Signature Turkish towels
  • Vague Turkish towels
  • Timaru Turkish towels
  • Enchasoft Turkish towels
  • Barclay Turkish towels
  • Gracious Turkish towels
  • Becky Turkish towels


Turkish towels have so many uses, and they can be used for different purposes. The primary use of these towels is to utilize them after a shower. We can also use them while laying out of a pool or beach. As these towels dry faster than ordinary towels, saves us from a long day effort of washing and drying them. when we keep them under the sun, after a bath. It takes very little time to dry again for the next use. It is a personal belonging, and we use it multiple times a day. Turkish can easily become a part of our home because they get better over time. It can be a part of our life. I personally use them, and after that, I am saying that these towels can be used in different ways.  They can be used as a table cloth and also look pretty if we put them on the back of a sofa. They give a pretty great look, and natural feel that I always wanted.



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