Demystifying 3 common misconceptions about car insurance

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Have you ever listened to someone narrate an incident relating to car insurance and you were left to wonder if that was true or not? You will find that most of the myths circulated arise from the questions asked by people. This article has listed some of the myths circulated about car insurances and will clear the air for you on such myths. You can also get more clarification on issues relating to car insurance from the people at Roojai car insurance company.

Credit purchases have no effect on insurance covers

Most people assume that purchasing an item on credit will not have any effect on your car’s insurance. This is not entirely true because car insurance company use your credit scores to determine whether you are fit to get their cover or if at all you will be able to pay up the required premiums. You should make sure that you have settled your payments with the creditor so that it does not affect your credit score. A poor credit score will make it hard for you to get a good car insurer.

Your insurance cover will cover all damages that you cause on a friend’s car

This is just another myth that does not bear much truth in it. You should be informed that your car’s insurance cover will only step in to cover you in such a case once your friend’s insurance limit has been exhausted. If your friend lacks an insurance cover then it will be impossible for your insurance to cater for such damages hence you will have to pay up from your own cash.

Insurance covers also cover personal effects lost from your car

Any personal belongings you had left inside your car that gets lost when your car gets broken into, is not covered by your insurance company. You can only get such items replaced if you have a renter’s insurance cover. You should note that a car’s insurance cover can only cover for those items directly attached to the car.

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